Hi, MY Name is Susan
My crazy friend made me this page, she said I needed a page to show off all my hard work.

I met this crazy friend when she saw all my postings i'd done in the "BIGSCOOP" newsgroup.She really liked what all I was posting and I ask her to join in.

She said sure,I'll be glad to, So "SHE & "I" posted so much we decided open another group up so that's how "THE_BEE_HIVE" came about.

We would post just about anything and everything you could find on here. Now our newsgroups were little different than most, we have it set up where it's private and we don't have all those replys on there..Just one good post after another.

Now my nutty friend is doing this so i can send to all of you and show off..LOL...Nah, We just want you all visit BIGSCOOP and THE HIVE and if there is anyone out there that would post like we do we sure could use some help.

We are picky about posting but if you just look at what we do post you can go by that.Not hard really, just don't do like one and put the www.com all time ..LOL...

As you can see my nutty friend put all these aliens on here..hummm wander why? bet it's cause she knows I love the UFO's and all those strange and unknown stuff out there..We even set up a Yahoo!Group called "SPOOK_HILL" It's so much fun posting all those links in there.You wouldn't believe the stuff we find on the unknown,unexplaned ghosts, UFO's, and lots other unusual stuff. Some of it will make ya wander.

If you like reading and seeing stuff of the unusual and haven't joined you should, We do find all kinds interesting stuff.We even post a joke or two or some help pages

Gee!! Another Alien..How many more is she gonna put on here??? ;-))

Then we went one step farther, we made us a homepage for Spook_Hill.

Then she made this, i wander what's gonna be next?.Humm knowing my nutty friend "NO TELLING" LOL

Might be continued!! tee-hee


she put my favorite on here. I told her I liked that when she added it to Spook Homepage..;-))

Ooops I see the little guys waving, Guess she's all done for now,

She said since this is my first homepage to ever have of my own would you please ,please sign my guestbook. If you will she said she'd quit giving me a hard way go, she is from Ky..lives in them thare hollow's..LOL So sign and i'll do you a favor one day.tee-hee



Just had add ONE more.LOL

Thanks for visiting.Hope you enjoyed BYE,BYE Now

added 2-21-01