We have opened up a new group and would love for you to come join us.

Since a lot of you have children or grand children we have now opened a newsgroup just for kids called Webtv-4-Kids. We love finding stuff for them we will be posting all kinds of links just for children.....so, come and check us out and be sure to tell your friends about us. We hope that this newsgroup will provide hours of fun and pleasure for the kids. Hopefully, this will be unique newsgroups and will become a "safe zone" for the young ones to go. This will probably be for children of any age....even adults might enjoy some of the websites!

Don't forget to visit our MAIN Newsgroup that we've had for over a year now called BIGSCOOP. This was our first Newsgroup and we have had so much success with it that it caused us to form other newsgroups as well. We usually keep1500 posts daily here. We post a little bit everything at BIGSCOOP... so, it has more of an adult theme. If the website contains adult material it will tell you in the subject line.....this is for those of you would prefer not being subjected to adult material. There will be no porno or X-rated sites here either. Sometimes, we will have a naughty joke or cartoon...but, most of what we post here is fun, exciting....this newsgroup has heavy touch of the paranormal, or weird and strange things that go bump in the night....a ghost may be lurking in every corner...so beware!! We also post HTML Help. space news, recipes, current events, or websites that will make you stop and think. Perhaps there will be silly test to take or a funny little alien that will make you smile!

The Bee-Hive was formed last fall because we had so many good posts being deleted daily as our BIGSCOOP NEWSGROUP was too full to add anymore. This is similar to our Bigscoop Newsgroup.... but, has a more emphisis on Native American Websites, urban legends, and a more mystical theme. This is also an adult group and things will be marked, as well, in this group in case you want to avoid adult material!

Our newsgroup Littlescoop has been open for several months now and it is rated G. We post religious things, clean jokes and cartoons. We post things that are uplifting and that will delight and tickle the soul and that will make you smile. We welcome everyone to come and visit us and leave feeing refreshed and uplifted.

Last.... but, not least.... we have our fun-chit- chat-newsgroup named R-I-D-D-L-E-S. This is where everyone can share the fun of posting jokes, cartoons, funny websites...or where you make someone solve a riddle or two. Make sure you bring along a cup of coffee as you will need time to go through our Newsgroups.


============================================= ATTENTION: We are always needing extra help. So, if you love posting or sharing websites we encourge you to help us out. We do all of these groups mainly for the people who are disabled, terminally ill, that have special needs, or that are "homebound" and lonely. Please contact either: M_Bee@webtv.net or Bigscoop@webtv.net. and become a part of our team.

La La

We are not done yet...LOL We also have a couple of Yahoogroups that you may be interested in joining. In September of 2000 we opened a yahoogroup called SPOOK_HILL. This is an exciting paranormal group where you will be learning about "the truth" about the things around you. We cover everything from evil spirits, shadow people, aliens, witches, Area 51....The X-Files, Underground Bases, West Nile,Fever AIDS, Mad Cow Disease, Mysterious events, crop circles, Big foot, and things that go bump in the night...if you like to be informed and scared at the same time.... then this is a group for you....LOL We post many websites containing paranormal topics. This is not a chit-chat group unless you want to share a personal story that has happened to you. We believe in exposing the stories that no one else will touch. We are the enlightened ones!

Several months ago we decided to open a yahoogroup called Time-Out_4_Fun. This is an adult group where we post almost everything except porno, or really X-rated sites. If it has adult content we always put (adult) in the subject line for those who dislike adult themes.     This is posting only group. There is no chit-chat back-n-forth like alot of groups...so, it is one good post after another. We also prefer people to post the entire website and not to post single gifs or graphics.